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Meet the Scuba tours Marbella Team

All languages combined we speak ENGLISH / DUTCH / SPANISH / PORTUGUESE / FRENCH / ARABIC

jason wust scuba diving marbella

Jason Wust

Owners - Scuba tours Marbella

The owner of the Scuba Tours Marbella franchise and one of the instructors. Australian by origin and ex-military, Jason always has plenty of stories to tell. 

He once started at the main Scuba Tours location in Benalmadena and grew to the point where he is now, owning his own franchise.

kitty duizer 1

Kitty Duizer

Partner of Jason, and Dive Master in Training

Partner of Jason, and Dive Master in Training. Kitty comes from a small village in the centre of Holland, and does her absolute best to make sure all customers have a great experience. As a DMT she accompanies most dives to assist the main instructors.

Guillermo Cervero Badia

Dive Instructor - Scuba tours Marbella

Guillermo, or Guille for short, is Scuba Tours Marbella’s main dive instructor. Spanish by origin, this former engineer has been diving in lots of different places all across the world. Some words to describe him are intelligent, capable, and funny. This and lots more make him a great dive instructor.