Bubble Maker Course

bubble makers 1

Bubble Maker Course

Minimum Age

8 years old


2 Hours

Price €

50 per person

Your children also have the opportunity to get their first underwater experience!

This program is dedicated to children who are at least 8 years old, who feel comfortable in the water and who have the permission of their parents.

This activity takes place in our partner’s large swimming pool, open all year round, or in an open ocean area that’s confined and has pool-like conditions.
It is a friendly place where your children will have the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful experience.

In addition, this program also offers marine games such as “frisbee”, “underwater field hockey” or “egg and spoon race” so that your children can learn in a fun environment.

This is an opportunity for your children to have an enriching experience that will help build their confidence.

If you want to learn the basics of scuba diving in a safe and fun environment, this program is for you!

N.B. Please note a parent/caregiver must be nearby when the dive is taking place. The responsible adult does not need to participate in the dive but be present for the entire duration.

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