Rescue Diver Course

rescue diver course scuba

Rescue Diver Course

Minimum Age

12 years old


2 Day (Online Courses)
3 Days (Physical Courses)

Price €

academics 79
practical 360

This program is one of the most important and useful PADI courses. Highly appreciated by the majority of divers, they consider this course to be one of the most beneficial to acquire.
Indeed, this course qualifies you to have all the necessary skills to prevent and manage any problematic situation in the water. In short, it will allow you to optimize your abilities as a diver in general as well as your self-confidence.

This course will cover several essential topics:

  • The psychological aspect of rescue
  • Prevention and management of diver stress
  • Anticipation and management of accidents
  • Assistance to reactive and non-reactive divers at depth and on the surface
  • Equipment problems and their resolution
  • Search and recovery techniques for missing divers
  • Emergency breathing in the water
  • Emergency oxygen delivery systems

This course will provide you with the practice and knowledge necessary to solve the majority of problems you may encounter at sea.
In order to be eligible for this program, all you need to do is have the Advanced OWD Course certification and have completed your Emergency First Response training within the last two years.

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