Speciality Diver

Speciality Diver

Minimum Age

12 years old


2 Day (Online Courses)
3 Days (Physical Courses)

Price €

academics 79
practical 360

We have a wide variety of 26 diving specializations that will allow you to improve and expand your skills and technique in different areas.
Regularly maintaining and developing your diving knowledge increases your exploration possibilities and allows you to experience new ways to enjoy the underwater world. 

Here are some of the main specializations we offer:

– Night Diver:
Sure, there are many animal and plant species to see during the day, but know that the ocean offers a whole new world to discover at night! Many animals are very discreet during the day and prefer to show themselves at night. Equipped with your dive light, this course will allow you to evaluate the field of vision of your light so that you can make the most of what you can see down there. In addition, you will learn to swim in pairs and not overlook potentially essential details.

– Digital Underwater Photographer:
Underwater photography is one of the most practised specializations in diving. It allows you to keep incredible memories in the form of quality photos or videos of all the beautiful species you may have encountered during your dive.

– Deep Diver
Are you intrigued by the mysteries of the deep ocean? Try deep diving and discover coral reefs, ancient shipwrecks and many other surprises at depths of less than 18 meters. However, the Deep Diver course will allow you to reach depths of up to 40 meters, so imagine what you can see at that distance!

– Enriched Air Diver
The PADI Enriched Air Diver course is the most popular in scuba diving. Also known as Nitrox, this course allows you to learn how to manage the air in your tank. This way, you can dive longer and at shorter intervals.

– Search and Recovery Diver
This specialization is a lot of fun to do. It consists of learning the art of finding lost objects in the water. Several beneficial techniques will increase your chances of finding what you’ve lost. In addition, this course will also teach you how to bring objects to the surface. This course combines challenge with fun, so come and enjoy!

– Peak Performance Buoyancy
This course allows you to optimize an essential aspect of diving: buoyancy. You will learn how to move, ascend and descend without using more air than you need, but also in a way that does not disturb the environment you came to observe. This characteristic of diving distinguishes between a seasoned diver and a beginner diver, so take it to the next level!

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